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Graphic Design Software & Sub Categories


Pixel Tools

Make pixel precise measurements.



Avoid accidental "upsaving" when multiple versions of InDesign or QXP are installed.



create, animate vectorial shapes to illustrate docs

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PulpMotion Advanced

Create never-seen-before animations in no time and tell you stories with style.


Caedium Professional

Create geometry, simulate fluid flow, and view results in 3D and 2D.


Photoshop Comic Tone Generator (Intel 32bit)

Draw digital tone pattern to your pictures.


Electric Image Animation System

Create 3D graphics easily.


Magneto Paths

Adds multiple strokes and fills to InDesign.


MacSonik PDF Encryption

Unlock any Mac PDF file by maintaining the data integrity.


MacSonik PDF Manager Tool

Manage any kind of Mac PDF file.


Free PicoPDF PDF Editor

Edit your PDFs with the best free PDF Editor on the market.



3D Metafile (3DMF) viewer with many navigation features.