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Educational Software & Sub Categories


Grammar Checker X

Identify and correct all your grammatical errors easily.


Kanji Go

Japanese/Chinese reference and study aid.


Personal Lexicon

Build a personal dictionary in any language with themes, conjugations, and tests.


Latin Flash Drill

for Latin declension and conjugation forms



Keyboard shortcut tool that lets you perform actions on highlighted words, like definition lookup, search, and translation.


Language Learning Center

Learn basic phrases and vocabulary. Quickly and elegantly.


German Grammar

Quick reference guide to German grammar for English speakers.


Emoji Lite

Use emoji to express yourself on your Mac.


Jetset Spanish

Video-based Spanish language learning tool.


Bubble Translate

Translate text just by highlighting it and pressing a key.



Learn the hiragana & katakana Japanese phonetic alphabets.



Foreign language vocab trainer, also for iPod.