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Educational Software & Sub Categories



Computational program helps you perform algebra, calculus, regression analysis, and more.



Lens design program.


Screenshot to Speech

Read PDFs, scanned images, or even Kindle books.


Geometry Calculator

Determine the perimeter and/or area of multiple geometric shapes.


Language Learning Center

Learn basic phrases and vocabulary. Quickly and elegantly.


Molegro Molecular Viewer

Share and view results from Molegro Virtual Docker docking run.



Explore the colors of your personality.


Anomalous Medical

3D anatomy education and simulation software.


Musical Space Invaders 2011

Learn all the major and minor scales, key signatures, harmony even Perfect Pitch.


Economy Globe 3D

Get to know the world you live in.


Absolute Pitch Trainer

Develop 100% perfect pitch.


Volume Calculator

Determine the volume of multiple geometric shapes.