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Business Software & Sub Categories


Pear Note

Integrate audio, video and slides with text notes.



Present PDF slides in a smart way.


Nevron Writer

Create text documents and edit text with comfort.


Banking Calculators

Perform various calculations.



Point of sale, inventory control, customer files, invoicing/quotes/purchase orders.


HourGuard Plus Edition for Mac

HourGuard Mac timesheet recording software for easy job time tracking


OpenLink ODBC Driver for PrestoDB

Connect desktop applications such as MS Access and Excel/Query, OpenOffice to your backend database.


OpenLink Lite ODBC Drivers for Microsoft SQL Server

Provide ODBC access to Microsoft SQL Server.


AccountEdge Basic

Create sales and manage your banking.


OpenLink Lite ODBC Drivers for MySQL 5

Provides ODBC access to MySQL 5 Databases.


OpenLink Lite ODBC Drivers for Postgres

Provide ODBC access to PostgreSQL Databases.


Scheduler for Macintosh

All-around scheduling application.