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JumpBox for the TikiWiki Content Management System

Deploy the Tikiwiki CMS in minutes without a complicated setup process.



Statistical analysis for mathematical and programming novices.


Qt Bitcoin Trader

Provide Bitcoin Trading software for Mt.Gox, BTC-e, Bitstamp, and BTCChina.


Job Sheet Timer

Provides focused and low-overhead timekeeping functionality for your existing installation of MoneyWorks Gold.



Change plain documents into pictures for ease of handling and storage.


JumpBox for OrangeHRM Human Resources Management

Reduce effort spent on administration and HR.


eClicker Presenter

Presentation tool that sends questions to iOS devices in the audience.



Companion app for Microsoft Office that tells you which documents you've recently worked on.


Winmail Reader Pro

Extract, view the contents of winmail.dat files.


QuickPlayer for Netflix

Watch movie trailers and get a sneak peek of a movie before watching it.



Design projects by drawing an objectives & activity network diagram.


Quick Keep for Google Keep

Create a checklist, enter a note or snap a photo and annotate it.