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Date added:
March 20, 2020
Date released:
April 25, 2002
Operating system:
Mac/OS Classic,
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Additional Requirements
Mac OS 8.5 or higher

Wapp pro v3.6.2

menu listing windows of all running apps to switch between them

Wapp pro Editor's review

Wapp pro is the ultimate windows/applications switcher.It displays a menu that lists the windows of the frontmost applications, the background applications and their rescpective windows in submenus. You can activate any window, even it's hidden by several other windows, or if the process is hidden. And now from version 1.5, the Finder windows display their content in submenus up to 5 levels.Wapp pro lets you also navigate through the windows of the front process by keyboard shortcuts. You can exchange the 2 frontmost windows, send the frontmost window to the back, or bring the last window to the front. It also lets you cycle through the applications list.Wapp pro's menu can be activated by several ways : like a regular menu in the menu bar a menu embedded with the application menu as a popup menu at hotspots by clicking anywhere on the screen with some modifier keys by clicking & holding in a window's title bar or from version 2.0 by control-clicking or clicking&holding on the Application Switcher palette From version 1.5, Wapp pro enhances the Navigation Services dialogs. It brings the Click There It Is concept to the Navigation Services open/save dialogs.Clicking with some modifier keys in a Finder window will display its content in the open/save dialog. If a Finder window is hidden you can also use the menu Wapp pro adds when a Navigation Services open/save dialog is front.

Download (166.81KB)

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