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Very difficult-to-solve solitaire card game.


Mac Solitaire

Play solitaire games on your Mac.


Lock Casino

Over 80 casino games: slots, table games, lotto, video poker.



Play rummy card games against the computer.


Card Shack

Play 4 different card games.


Swoop Solitaire

Play a good solitaire with plenty of stylish themes.


Orchard's Craps

Classic casino game of dice, skill and chance.


Kitty Spangles Solitaire

Play freecell, golf, klondike, pyramid, spider and more.


Fairway Collector's Edition

Play the exciting game of unique solitaire.


PreFlopper OS X Texas Hold'em Poker Calculator

Learn a solid Holdem Poker preflop playing strategy.


Free Solitaire 3D

4 solitaire games - Beleaguered Castle, Pyramid, Gaps, Twenty.


Growly Freecell

Very winnable solitaire.