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Oct. 20, 2020
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June 26, 2017
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macOS CatalinamacOS MojavemacOS High SierramacOS SierraOS X El CapitanOS X YosemiteOS X MavericksOS X Mountain LionOS X Lion

Linguist v1.6

Translate text from any language to any other language.

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Linguist is easy to use the translation tool for quick translation from the menu bar (status bar) or window also. Translation of words or phrases by selecting in any other app or website with just a click or command (HOTKEY). Set the preferred source and target language.

Translate between over 103 languages. Multiple modes - menu bar and window. History of text translation for reference. Export translated History in TextEdit(.txt) format. HOTKEY to translate text from any website or App. Synonyms for each translation. Listen to the pronunciation. Send instant translation through a shortcut. Copy and paste text.


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