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April 13, 2018
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Nov. 30, 2013
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Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8,
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German Grammar v1.0.6

Quick reference guide to German grammar for English speakers.

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FromMacMedia:Quick Reference of Basic German GrammarGeneral- Alphabet- Pronunciation- CasesNouns- Articles- Gender- Plural- DeclensionPronouns- Personal pronouns- Reflexive pronouns- Possessive pronouns- Demonstrative pronouns- Relative pronouns- Interrogative pronouns- Indefinite pronounsAdjectives- Declension- Comparison- Adjectives and prepositionsAdverbs- Intensifying adverbs- Adverbs of time- Adverbs of place- Adverbs of direction- Adverbs of manner- Position of adverbs- Pronominal adverbsVerbs- Present tense- Present perfect tense- Past tense- Past perfect tense- Future tense- Future perfect tense- Present participle- Past participle- Imperative- Modal verbs- Subjunctive I- Subjunctive II- Passive- Infinitive with zu- Separable and inseparable prefixes- Reflexive verbs- Verbs and prepositions- Irregular verbsNumerals- Cardinal numbers- Ordinal numbers- Fractions- Time- Date- CalculationsConjunctions- Coordinating conjunctions- Subordinating conjunctions- Two-part conjunctionsPrepositions- Accusative prepositions- Dative prepositions- Two-way prepositions- Genitive prepositionsSentences- Word order- Negation

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