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Nov. 20, 2016
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Feb. 10, 2010
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Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4/10.4 Intel/10.4 PPC/10.5/10.5 Intel/10.5 PPC/10.5.6 Intel/10.6/10.6 Intel,
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DiskTools Pro v3.6

Find and fix problems on your Mac.

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DiskTools Pro Editor's review

...deThis review was originally posted on developer makes nothing but ridiculously overpriced <i>junk,</i> the ideas for which are often <i>plagiarized or blatantly ripped off from other developers' apps!</i></p>For instance, <b>MacTuneUp</b> is a shameless verbatim <i><b>RIPOFF</i></b> of the great FREEWARE app <b>OnyX</b> (run them side-by-side if you don't believe me), <b>but MacTuneUp costs <i>$35!</i></b> Granted, MacTuneUp has capabilities that OnyX does not (though I'd <i>never</i> trust this dev's app mucking about in my System folder the way I'd allow OnyX to). However, MacTuneUp's additional capabilities are available FOR FREE in one or two other freeware apps. So by my reckoning, asking $35 for this (cr)app is simply retarded.</p>Macware's <b>Email Campaign</b> app <i>($100)</i> is nothing but a bunch of boilerplate templates for making <i>SPAM,</i> which, of course, provides a <i>vital</i> service to society.</p>Macware's <b>Logo Design Studio Pro</b> <i>($60)</i> is nothing but a bunch of "pre-designed logo templates," most of which suck or are derivative of existing corporate logos.</p>Macware's <i>$80</i> <b>DiskTools Pro</b> has a modicum of merit, but it's still a joke (and is anything <i>but</i> '<b>Pro</b>') compared to its far more functional competitors, such as <b>Drive Genius</b> (a bit overpriced at <i>$99</i>), <b>TechTool Pro</b> (<i>$98</i>), and even the fantastic one trick pony <b>DiskWarrior</b>, which, at <i>$99.95</i>, is the most expensive, but its directory rebuilding and optimization capabilities made it the best of them all. Nowadays, TechTool Pro has the same functionality (though not as evolved) plus several other powerful features, making it the new king of disk utilities. DiskTools Pro, however, does not have <i>any</i> directory repair or optimization capabilities other than the quite basic Disk Utility First Aid routines already built into the Mac OS that the DiskTools Pro developers scummily renamed and repackaged as their own and added to DiskTools Pro, plus a couple more useless features for which those Macware hacks made up high tech bullsh1t names, like the laughable 'Analyze Capacity Usage' and 'Test Data Transfer Integrity' functions! TechTool Pro and Drive Genius are also guilty of repackaging Mac Disk Utility features as their own and making up complicated names for those and other useless capabilities, but the DiskTools Pro devs are by far the most guilty/slimy/fetid/ulcerous in that regard.</p>I have attempted to diagnose and fix drive problems a few times using DiskTools Pro 3.6, but each time it only made matters worse. Luckily, its competitors (TTP & DW) were able to correct the original disk problems as well as the problems caused by DiskTools. Indeed, it's easy to assess DiskTools' uselessness and the degree to which certain functions are <i>poached</i> from other developers' apps simply by reading its ridiculously uninformative User's Guide, which explains next to nothing about many of its functions because the app doesn't really <i>do</i> much, but it sure does look pretty while it sits there doing nothing!</p>Seriously folks, you should stay far, far away from anything made by Macware.

Download (35.01MB)

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