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MacTopos Alabama

Topo maps and elevation data.


iTranslate for Mac

Translate words, phrases, and text in over 90 languages.



Transfer track logs and waypoints from many GPS devices.


Jalada Just Translate 2016

Translate full text from/to 80 major languages with just One-Click.


Chop Commute

See current drive times on Mac menu bar and know the best time to leave work and avoid traffic.



Track your current geographic position using core location.


Currency Rates

Convert currencies in an instant with the most simple currency converting app Currency Rates


Travel PackList

Quickly organize for trips so you don't forget to pack or do something important.


Aviation Station Browser

Browse thousands of aviation stations worldwide, and see the current weather.


Garmin ANT Agent

Transfer fitness data from compatible Garmin ANT devices.



Make your own amazing travel guide.


Garmin Express

Keep your nuvi, zumo, or dezl up-to-date.