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Excel in design work and enhance your creativity with the aesthetics of nature's golden ratio.

PhiMatrix is a graphic design and analysis tool that lets you see and apply phi (1.618) and other proportions to any image or composition. It's transparent grids overlay any other program with a variety of user controllable grids and then lets you save, copy or print your image.

PhiMatrix can be used for any design application your mind can conceive, whether ...

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A BIM/CAD software for architects, interior designers and urban planners.


Logo Design Studio Pro

Create your own logo design using vector drawing tools.



Design and edit layouts for MEMS/IC fabrication.



Design websites, interfaces, layouts etc. according to the golden ratio - also known as the divine proportion.



Draw beautiful illustrations.


EasyCut Pro

Make signs, lettering, graphics, logos, stickers and decals using your vinyl cutter/plotter.