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Utilities & Operating Systems & Sub Categories


LaunchD Task Scheduler

Simple-to-use task scheduler for your Mac.



Make simple changes to a single object, and then repeat those changes for all similar objects throughout your entire document.



Automate anything you can drag & drop.


Convert to PDF

Convert all of your text files to PDF.


Task Till Dawn

Open files, apps, and execute scripts at specified times.


Automator Virtual Input

Lets Automator simulate mouse clicks, movement & drags.



Accelerate your typing by replacing abbreviations with frequently used phrases you define.



Automatic mouse click toolclick to a specific location on your computer screen automatically.


Useful Mac Services

Manage and configure your Mac OS services.


Mouse And Keyboard Recorder

Record all types of mouse and keyboard action on your Mac.


UI Browser

Explore, monitor and manipulate the user interface of most macOS applications.


FastFox Text Expander

Create word expansion and keyboard shortcuts.