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Security Software & Sub Categories


Security Camera

Takes a photo whenever your computer wakes from sleep.



Detect faces and capture snapshots.


Logitech Alert Commander

Configure your video security system, watch live video, store video on your computer and review recorded video.


Net Radar

Double check the status of your VPN connection automatically.



Lock your Mac, take photos of intruders, use your phone as the key.



Helps investigators conduct digital forensic investigations on Mac OS X and iOS devices.


Spy Cam

Turns your Mac into a surveillance system that records video clips with sound.


TrackView (Chinese)

Track location and perform surveillance on your computers and mobile devices in China.



Connect your smartphones, tablets, and computers into a mobile security system.


IP Camera Cloud

Video surveillance with 30 days of cloud storage and easy remote access from iPhone/Mac.


FreeKey Keylogger

Record keystrokes on your Mac and get emails with the logs.


Magican Monitor

Monitor system status and network state quickly.