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Watch OSX

Turn the screen of your Mac into an Apple Watch face.


iOS Saver

Watch an iOS-like lock screen as your Mac screensaver.


Dragon City 3D Screen Saver

3D dragons fly thru a city.



Enjoy a recreation of the classic Satori screen saver from After Dark 2 and 3.



Animates an M.C. Escher print zooming in for a never-ending view of the scene.


3D Matrix Code Screensaver

Watch the Matrix code on your screen.


3D Desktop Zombies Screen Saver

3D zombies roam your desktop



Play a movie or screensaver at the background of your desktop.


Electric Sheep

Screensaver of morphing abstract animations, shared over the Internet.


3D New Years Countdown

Prepare your desktop for the New Years Day.


Snow for OS X

Bring snow, Santa, and a polar bear to your desktop.