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Productivity Software & Sub Categories


Apple Bluetooth

Use a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for Internet connection.


Product Key Explorer

Recover product keys from Mac computers.


Grammarian PRO3 X

Check your grammar while writing texts.


To-Do Stickies

Hierarchical tool for notes, ideas, to-do lists.


Simple Accounting System

Track your personal and business expenses using this FileMaker Pro database.


CAPS Wizard

Get warnings when caps lock or modifier keys are on/pressed.


Tiny PDF Editor - PDF Signer

Filling Out and Signing PDF.


ClickCharts Pro

Make graphic diagrams and flowcharts on Mac.



complete notebook and journaling app



Turn movie ideas from first glimmer to full outline.



Record your Mac computer screen with one click.


Data Extractor

Extract data in a sparse format contained inside various files.