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Carrot Weather - Talking Forecast Robot

Get hilarious yet accurate weather forecasts on your Mac.


Radar Live: NOAA doppler radar loop & 7-day national weather forecast (pro version)

Access the latest NOAA radar data and detailed weather forecast.


Weather Dock: Accurate desktop forecast report

Put the weather right on your desktop.


WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts and Alerts

Get all the weather information you need straight from your menu bar.


Weather 5 days

Know the weather for your current or any other location.


Weather Widget: Desktop forecast

Stay up to date with the weather.


Weather Live Free

Learn about the current weather conditions and forecast in your city and other places.


Weather HD: Forecast, Live Wallpaper, Screensaver

Bring the weather to life right on your desktop.



Read weather data off the popular AcuRite USB Professional Weather Centers.



Access weather forecast in the dock and menu bar menu.


PredictWind Offshore

Get the most detailed forecast for your boat trip.



Weather information in the menu bar or dock.