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Shop'NCook Menu

Organize recipes, plan healthy meals, and make grocery lists.


Paprika Recipe Manager

Create and modify your own recipes on any device.



Astrology: compute, draw, interpret natal charts.



Sample tests help prepare for written ham radio exams.


Carrot Weather - Talking Forecast Robot

Get hilarious yet accurate weather forecasts on your Mac.


Radar Live: NOAA doppler radar loop & 7-day national weather forecast (pro version)

Access the latest NOAA radar data and detailed weather forecast.


Weather Dock: Accurate desktop forecast report

Put the weather right on your desktop.


WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts and Alerts

Get all the weather information you need straight from your menu bar.


Weather 5 days

Know the weather for your current or any other location.


Weather Widget: Desktop forecast

Stay up to date with the weather.


Weather Live Free

Learn about the current weather conditions and forecast in your city and other places.


Weather HD: Forecast, Live Wallpaper, Screensaver

Bring the weather to life right on your desktop.