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Graphic Design Software & Sub Categories



revolutionizes zooming in Quark



color proofing/photo printing RIP for large format ink jets


Typefi AutoFit

InDesign plug-in for 'soft-bottom' frames & dynamic object relationships.



Export all the stories of an InDesign document into a single file.


ScribeDOOR for Illustrator CS4

Illustrator CS4 users who need to use Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Indian language.


al-Nashir al-Sahafi

Industry-grade Arabic publishing software.


QR Factory

Create and verify professional QR Codes with amazing customization options.


Adobe PressReady Update

Update this pofessional printing and proofing tool for inkjets.



Integrated equation editor for Adobe InDesign and InCopy.



Import MathType-formatted equations to mt.editor format for Adobe InDesign or InCopy.


Adobe Design Premium CS 5.5

Deliver innovative ideas in print, Web, and mobile design.


Text Grabber

Select and modify text attributes on Quark pages using a unique "marquee" method of text selection.