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Mastermind clone.


Acky's XP Breakout

Blow up bricks and collect power ups and bonuses.


Mystic Emporium

Take over a musty old magic shop and turn it into the best business in town.


Emerald City Confidential

Work with the world's most cunning detective.


Avernum: Escape From The Pit

Seek safety, escape or revenge in the epic fantasy adventure game.



Play a game of dice on your Mac.


Nova Golf

Play realistic game of golf.


The Wolf Among Us, Episode One: Faith

Atmospheric adventure game based on the Fables comic book.


Lucky Streak X

Game: The luckier you are, the better you are


Mr P

Game where two penguins try to tackle each other


GLHexen 2 Update

Update GLHexen 2 to fix a few bugs, including some bugs that would crash the game.


Bug Slurp

slurp up bugs before the crocodile eats you