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Grades Manager

Record and track all the grades according to your matter/course.



Count number and locations of clicks your preformed on your Mac.


Noise Detective

Set an alarmed noise level!.


Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac

Manage Android Smartphones and Tablets on Mac with No Sweat.


Simple NotePad

Write and save articles, memos, papers and speeches.


Medical Surgical RN Exam

Check your level of knowledge for the Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse examination.


Easy Pixel Tool

Measure the distance in pixels between two points on the screen.


Copy Log

Keep every text you`ve copied saved and access it from anywhere.


Mouse Coordinates

Mouse Coordinates show the exact X and Y position of your cursor on the screen.


Relax Sounds

Get away from the noise of the city and feel free from the problems that surround you.


Tasty Recipes

Satisfy your appetite with over 800 recipes.



Find out if you are ready for Project Management Professional Test.