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Digital Photo Software & Sub Categories


Star Watermark Ultimate

Put watermarks on photos and pictures.



Finds the duplicate photos and videos in your iPhoto library.



Crop, resize and reformat a batch of images easily.



Geotag images using Google Earth.


Slide Freebie

slide show viewer with handy file functions


Koala Image Viewer

full screen image viewer


Easy Fractal

3D looking fractals, Mandelbrot & Julia sets


HDR Darkroom 3

Create stunning HDR image at lightning speed, and produce results with professional features.


Voilabits PhotoWatermark

Batch-add text and image watermark and protect your photos on Mac.


iPhoto Tagger

Make your photos easily searchable by automatically marking them using metadata and characteristics.


PhotoMagic Pro

Enhance photos on your Mac with lighting effects.


Photo Calculator

Achieve high fidelity photography with automatic formulae calculation.