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Port of Simple Raster Graphics Package


Macromedia JRun Trial Edition

Build Java applications.


RW Theme DC Techno Beauty

Add RapidWeaver theme to your Web site.


PNG Utilities Plugin

REALbasic plugin to load & save PNG images



Developer tool to implement high speed data structures.



Get a Xojo and Real Studio calendar control plugin.


VeryPDF PDF Annotator Framework SDK for iOS

A powerful PDF Annotation Framework for iOS Developers!


Revulytics Usage Intelligence Mac OS X C++ & Objective C SDK

Discover who's using your software and how they're using it.


Google Toolbox

Collection of source from different Google projects.


Microsoft Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition

Uses Exchange Web Services as the primary protocol.



Get a time control plugin for Real Studio and Xojo.


PFEventTaps Framework

Cocoa Objective-C framework wrapping Apple's Quartz event taps API.