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Desktop Enhancements & Sub Categories



Launch most of your applications with keyboard keys.


Scroll Switcher

change the scroll arrow configuration


Love Machine

Spreads a little bit of love on your desktop in the form of floating love hearts with a message you can tailor.



sunken unified OS X theme



desktop calculator performs regular, scientific or statistical functions"


Menu Stopwatch

Simple and easy-to-use stopwatch right in your menu bar.



suppresses custom icons on CD-ROMs so windows display faster


Timer Menu

Simple and easy-to-use timer right in your menu bar.


Cut with Drag & Drop

"Cut" files by dragging and dropping them onto the application icon.


Arabix Pro

type/edit arabic text


Drive Mounter

Connects all your network drives and folders automatically at wake from sleep or startup.



Hide your messy desktop with the click of a button.