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Web Slices

Capture and view screenshots of sites at regular intervals so you can see also old editions no longer available on the Internet.



Syncs your bookmarks to Evernote and lets you access them in any browser via your menu bar.


Form Autosave

Safari extension that automatically saves the contents of web forms as you fill them out.



Automatically remove tracking cookies as you browse the Web.


iMarcoPolo Bar for Safari

Stay in touch with iMarcoPolo.


Booknote Importer

Stores your Chrome, Firefox or Safari bookmarks in the cloud on Evernote servers.



Safari extension that brings the RSS button back to the toolbar.



Safari extension for sending URLs to your iOS devices.



Pinboard and Delicious client that allows you to find and add bookmarks.



Browser plugin for moving in 3D environments.


PageRank for Safari

Display Google PageRank for current page.


Mindful Browsing

Safari plugin that blocks websites of your choosing to help you be more productive.