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All software, Mac



GPS-enabled exercise logbook for Mac, designed to help runners/cyclists to organize their training.


Adobe Drive

Integrate an asset-management system with Adobe CS5 applications.



Use your Mac's volume keys to adjust the volume when iTunes is streaming through AirPlay.


Convert to PDF

Convert all of your text files to PDF.


Galaxy Forces V2

Play race, mission or dogfight action game.


Metadefender Endpoint

Free computer checks for malware infection and security configuration.


Zoomify Free

Make any image zoomable, no matter how large


YoWindow Weather

Weather station reflecting weather in a living world.


Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS

Exchange disks and disk images from Apple II and III.



Get Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac.



Facilitates emptying the trash from removable media.



Virtual disk LED that shows reads/writes in the menu bar.